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In pursuit of educational excellence National Model School is proud to enter into a collaboration with the Finnish educationist's for the continuous support and training in teaching practices, infrastructure up-gradations and technical innovations.

Atal Tinkering Innovative lab

We are happy to announce a student team represented the school for the project presentation at Osmania University - Hyderabad on 5th November 2016. The Contribution of the team was worthy enough to please the jury and hence resulted in the Central Government's NITI Aayog funding for the set up of Atal Tinkering Innovative lab in our school.

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Poetry Day - Juniors

National Model Senior Secondary School celebrated the world poetry day on 21st March, 2018 as a tribute to the great poets from the epic to the modern age. Grade 1 and 2 children began the event by talking about the biography of eminent poets in English literature. Followed by grade 3 children who explained about various types of poetry like Epic, Sonnet, Limerick, Free verse, Haiku and so on. Grade 5 students hosted the on-spot events with the usage of Simile, Metaphor, alliterations and other poetic devices. As Shakespeare said, “All that begins well Ends well” The program concluded with the poem written by a young poet from grade 3.

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Open Day - Juniors

National Model Senior Secondary Schools conducted the Open day on March 17 th , 2018, which give a first-hand insight about the students’ outstanding skills and talents in front of their parents. Children are encouraged to perform on various activities - yoga, karate, music and dance - those that they have been trained on apart from their academics. It was an emotional experience for the parents to witness their ward’s fabulous performance. Every child has different strengths and weaknesses, and National Model always strives to provide the right environment for them to thrive in, that's partly down to academic ability, but it's the whole package, really. We work closely with prospective students and parents to get that right. We are committed to providing the best all round education in a happy, caring and conducive environment. We have valued each child as an individual and our pupils continue to leave us as confident individuals, ready to enjoy the next stage of their education.

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Everyday Short Speech Program

To explore and enhance the oratorical skills of the students, “The Everyday Short Speech Programme (ESSP)” is conducted for classes 6 and above. It is a year long process and the best spokesperson for each class will be awarded with the “OVERT ORATOR” title. The final round of the contest was held this week. The finalists mesmerized the audience with their flawless performances.

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